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New York Comic Con Photo Edition

New York Comic ConCollapse ), where all your dreams come true! (Image Intensive)

The written version:
So we got into the city at about 6:30 in the morning, luckily the hotel let us in that fucking early, but Friday was totally exhausting. Those crafty mormons got us in as "professionals" making our passes cheaper and giving us bonuses like getting into the dealer's room two hours before the general public. DC had a great setup, swag was grabbed by the handfuls and stuffed away, Patrick got to talk to his lady from G4 who then did an interview with him about Watchmen-- I thought he was going to pass out.

As far as panels go, we got into the Watchmen panel where we learned we would get to watch the first 18 minutes of the film followed by a clip from later in the movie.
The beginning alone was gorgeous and the clip afterward gave me chills, it was amazing.

We sat in for Yatterman with Takashi Miike wherein I leapt like a fucking gazelle to the autograph line to retrieve Emilee's signed poster because I aim to please XD After that I believe was the Futurama movie-- which MIGHT be the last one because it kind of ended like it might be, I was confused but in love and it was strange XD After that-- bed.

Saturday turned us into costumed heroes-- Katy made us all shirts to symbolize one of the Watchmen. She was Rorschach, I was Dr. Manhattan, her dad was Ozy, Patrick was Nite Owl, and Daniel was The Comedian. Evan was not Silk Spectre, but it would have been funny.

This was the day we saw UP and clips and panels of other gems like Friday the 13th and Terminator. It never sounds like we did much, but there's so much to see and take in that it takes up a lot of time. We did leave the con somewhat early to see a bit of New York Saturday night. Got to see Time Square all lit up and eat an actual dinner at Applebee's. It was very nice.

I can now say I also know where to find the Fashion District for whenever Meg, Lisa, and whoever else wants to come with us finally get to go to New York. Our hotel was along the street with a lot of fabric stores. It was hard not to stop in D:

Sunday was much like any other convention. Duane left early for work and the rest of us hung out a bit, got last minute necessities-- I saw that girl Triumph called a whore in San Diego, then we left. Ten hours and some long insightful talks later we were home!


I'm looking at you, Blaster

Got back from Comic Con late yesterday (technically early today). I had an AMAZING time, New York is always fantastic-- especially if you don't have 300 other band kids to worry about. Due to the help and determination of my companions, I got to start and finish Watchmen in time to enjoy all the spazzy excitement for what will be happening upon us in less than a month. Seriously, I'm so excited.

I've got lots of great photos to share later, hopefully tomorrow. And Emilee, I managed to meet Miike and get you an autograph! Don't know if you know anything about Yatterman, but it looks crazy XD

H-Bomb has the right idea.

EDIT: They kept playing this on screens around the con-- it was the footage shown in San Diego this summer, but now it's no longer a secret. So if you haven't seen it, enjoy the loveliness



History is made my friends

Nov. 13th, 2007

It's late at night, but I had school all day, so better late than never-- Happy Birthday amy_the_yu! :DDD ♥♥♥

(I don't know how to make text huge, otherwise I would have XD)
I'll even keep it short and sweet!

Everyone I know and everyone they know and so on and so forth should watch Al Gore's documentary on the current state of the world: "An Inconvenient Truth"-- or as I like to call it: "Harry Potter and the Balance of Earth."

Seriously, it might sound like a super nerdy, hippie-esque request, but I promise it's amazing how intelligently everything is laid out and how effective it is. And really, I mean it when I say EVERYONE should see this movie. I know I haven't updated in forever, and to throw it out there- I love you guys!


My Life Update for Lisa #1

Seeing as I haven't made a real post since I got Bobby I'll make one now. And it's well deserved because Youmacon was AMAZING. Canadians, you are like the best ever frosting on the best ever cake-- a cake that's also decorated all prettily because you're all hot cosplayers too XD And of course all the great AMERICANS that were there as well in the grand company we had this con! XD The OSU kids were great of course and panels all went really well so that was great! And the Maid Cafe was successful and fun and I hope we do it again next year. I might do a thing like I did with AN and do shout outs to all the FANTASTIC people I saw and met but for now I'll just put in a quick word on how great Youmacon was! I really didn't think anything would surpass last year's-- looks like I was wrong, holla! XD I miss you all already! ♥ ♥ ♥
I'm enjoying all the doll posts, so I figured I'd update Rhapsody's journal with some photoshoots! :D You can find it here!

Enjoy :D

Canadia is for Lovers

I can't stress enough how much I loved the trip to Canada, not even so much Anime North, but moreover all the people I got to meet and hang out with. Now for shout-outs because I am a lamer at coming up with con reports.

iceman_f1 Thank you soooo much for the useage of your house, you and your mom were both very hospitable and I really appreciate it ♥

chibik3r0 YOU. Seriously though, thanks for donning Kiba for me and then having awesome friends to take our pictures. I'm not even kidding, I kept telling myself I needed to get Ukon finished because THE KIBA was willing to cosplay with me, and I'm a nerd like that XD

ochika Every day with you is like Double-Soup Tuesday! You are too sexy~ ♥ ♥ ♥

nikolai At this point, I really don't know if a con would be a con without you there

infini_iv I'm really glad we got to hang out more, you're so great! You made me feel cool by association-- and of course, thanks for lending me your bling! XD

amy_the_yu I'm so glad I got to hang out with you, you are ridiculously awesome and of course also made me feel cool by association, and you bought me a popsicle which was so nice! ♥

kesteral I got to be your assistant briefly, I felt special! And now I am blessed with the humor of old country XD

rinkun You're so nice! Yay for the Americans who trekked up to Northlandia-- also, I totally bought some pinky street girls after seeing yours, and now I want a pullip, see what you've done? XD

seedofdarkness and nonillafruit Both of you ladies were such great company, I'm so glad I got to meet you! And of course thanks a bunch for all the great treats you blessed us all with throughout the weekend ♥

mekou I only got to hang out with you briefly, and part of that time was pretty traumatic, but you were really great and it was nice meeting you! Plus you're an awesome Pence XD

fressia_33 We met briefly in the RIDICULOUS masquerade line, but it did bring everyone closer together! You're so funny, I'm glad you were there!

solartempest You were so nice and take amazing photos that make me feel pretty! XD ♥

tatterhood and bat__girl We met so briefly, but you were so nice and are totally hardcore cosplayers, I'm such a fan!

How did I get all your names? Well, assuming they're all correct (Oh Lord how I hope they're all correct, otherwise I will feel like a HUGE idiot), stalkerism must run in the Bailey family. And if I forgot to add anyone, just tell me and I'll be like "Oh damn, of COURSE!" and add accordingly :D

I miss you all already ;__;

queendopple and of course, thanks for hauling my ass to and from Canada XD

Hey Emilee

One Ichabod is safely sitting in a box in my living room. I apologize, I saw a box with my name on it from Malaysia and thought it was maybe a gift from one of my friends- also, my brother and I thought it might be a box of Hobo Spiders. So, I did open him, but then I was like "Oh! Of course! Ichabod!" so I wrapped him back up and set him aside to wait for you.

Good news, though- he's lovely, congratulations~! ^_^